venerdì 24 maggio 2013

Don't drink from the mainstream vol.1

We've come a long, long way since the day we decided to start the Lab. Almost two years, two cds, hundreds of playlists and podcasts, a couple of showcases and thousands of likes after, here we are with this big project. One of our goals has always been helping people escape from bad music. In order to do that, we release this compilation, full of good producers & beatmakers from our country, Italy, but also some guests from all across the world. 

In a society full of garbage music, we would love to give these talented cats the chance to show how much they dig what they do. As an independent collective of reviewers, DJs and crate diggers, Step Lab is trying to become an amazing underground community. Wanna help? SPREAD THE WORD. 

Don't forget to share it ! Sharing is caring. 

Enjoy :)

Compiled & curated by the Step Lab_ staff
Artwork by Valentina Romano

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